September 07, 2017

We're never satisfied with what we make. We're forever crawling our user feedback, looking for inspiration to make our products the best they can be. 

We mentioned that we are trying to hit the sweet spot between lasting forever and doing a Vulcan Mind Meld with your shoe (sorry for the Star Trek reference). Well, if you're receiving Zorpads this week, you'll notice that we've put some dots on top. That's us making the product just a little bit heartier. Stronger for those soccer games, rugby matches, or just plain ol' two-steppin'.

Here's how it works. We literally blasted each of those little dots with super high frequency sound waves. That melted the top layer through to the bottom layer. Presto. Stronger Zorpads.

Let us know here if you have ideas for us to improve Zorpads. We'd love to hear them.

Over and Out,

Tay & Si.

We're donating 10% of our profits to No Kid Hungry during the pandemic to ensure food safety for all kids.

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