Frequently Asked Questions

Help! My Zorpads Won't Stay Stuck!

We've got a few ways to wear Zorpads! If you are having issues keeping the Zorpads stuck on the insole of the shoe, we recommend the underside of the tongue or the underside of the upper of the shoe instead. This works particularly well for folks with low-arch feet and for athletic applications. We wrote a blog post about it, too! Click here to check it out. If you are having fit issues you're more than welcome to email us at and we'll help you out with a replacement pair!

Why Aren't My Zorpads Taking The Smell Away In My Super Old Shoes?

Sometimes the smell in old shoes seeps through all the surfaces and actually starts smelling from the outside of the shoe! Zorpads take care of the smell inside the shoe. If you've got super old, smelly shoes though we still got you! Just wipe down the inner and the outer surfaces with rubbing alcohol (vodka works too!) to kill the bacteria. This gives the Zorpads a better starting point and will keep you smelling fresh!

What's This Black Dust?

Occasionally, because of the nature of our product, there might be a little carbon dust that rubs off onto either your feet or your socks. Don't fret! It's non-toxic, food-safe, and will wash off with a little water. If you are finding that the dust is excessive, try placing the Zorpads on the underside of the upper part of your shoe.

Do Zorpads Contain Rubber Latex?

Zorpads do not contain Natural Rubber Latex. They do, however, contain a percentage of natural rubber when dried. Here's what our supplier says:

"[Dried Natural Rubber] is defined as natural rubber that has been compounded with other materials / solvents and subsequently exposed to elevated temperatures. It is possible that some of the proteins remain in the product and could cause an allergic response, esp. to those who are hyper-sensitive to [Natural Rubber Latex]."

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