8 Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend His Feet Smell

8 Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend His Feet Smell

February 03, 2022

No matter if you fell head over heels for someone, were in love at first sight, you're the Harry to her Sally, nobody's perfect. We don't care if you think they're perfect, you'll find out that they clip their fingernails at a red light, leave their disposable contacts stuck to the shower wall, or something equally horrendous at some point. 

While we here at Zorpads are certainly not qualified to tell you how to hypnotize your lover or stand in for a really good couples therapist, there's one situation we're uniquely able to provide advice on. 

Behold, 8 foolproof ways to tell your partner that they have smelly feet so you don't have to leave before their Sketchers do.

1. Give him the old reverse psychology


Remember in high school when you had a boyfriend and you wanted to talk about them all day? Remember when your mom asked you about your boyfriend and all you wanted to do was not talk about him? Yeah, we do too. 

If you start saying you love how smelly his shoes are he'll probably think you're gross, but small price to pay to get what you really want--him to Chuck those Chucks. 

2. Put weird things in his shoes. 


Just a little bit of sand here goes a long way. There's only one way to get all that sand out of those shoes--you gotta clean them ;)

3. Tell him that his feet smell like something oddly specific.


"omg your shoes smell JUST like the lunchables my mom used to pack in my lunch on days when my locker was just a little too hot and i forgot an ice pack"

Yeah it's super weird, but that's the point. Then he'll just think about expired baloney.

4. Honestly, just tell him.


Two words: you stink.

5. Remove the laces in all his shoes that stink.


Are you in a hurry? Probably best to wear some shoes that have laces (and don't stink).

6. Throw 'em out the window.


Hey, they'll at least be able to air out! The shoes, btw, not the man. 

7. Spray 'n' Pray.


There's only room for one lover in this relationship and it ain't gonna be the bacteria on your man's feet. Kill the microorganisms!

8. Dangle a foot massage.


Tell him if he takes a shower and washes his feet before bed you'll give him 3 minutes of a foot massage. But just 3 minutes.

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