October 19, 2017

You might think that Zorpads is an American phenomenon. We are, in fact, an American company headquartered in America run by two Americans making product in America.


In fact, there are souls in over 24 countries that have been blessed by the odor-destroying power of Zorpads. Behold: a listicle that showcases a select few.

1. Malta


Just south of Italy, someone's kicking off the Maltese version of boat shoes with ease.

2. Norway


If a shoe is taken off in a vast Scandinavian wilderness, does anyone even smell it?

3. Russian Federation


Inside Russian shoes there's a Zorpad and in that Zorpad there's another shoe with another Zorpad.

4. United Kingdom


So still. So royal. So fresh.

5. Israel


Maybe world peace begins with shoes?

6. Singapore


This hot and humid city state in Southeast Asia now smells moderately better.

7. Australia


Coming March 2021: Zorpads the Opera.

8. Brazil


Fun fact: this is the pose many of our customers strike when they see Zorpads in their mailboxes.

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