September 13, 2017

We constantly talk about the miraculous power of Zorpads to take the smell out of your shoes. But why do shoes start smelling in the first place? You could go to Web MD, but we all know that ends in falsely diagnosing yourself with Lyme disease. So skip all that and let us help you out instead. Here's the sitch.

The first thing that happens in your new Sketchers is your foot starts to sweat. Fun fact: feet have more sweat glands than any other part of your body. Even more fun fact, sweat doesn't actually smell--it's basically just water and salt.

Bacteria is the culprit. Naturally occurring bacteria on your feet, literally eat the sweat and get gassy like they've polished off the final bit of stuffing on Thanksgiving. Before long these ravenous bacteria create a Dutch oven in your shoes.

Over time, this smell sinks into your shoe, and the dark moist environment helps the bacteria thrive. You get putrid kicks.

We haven’t figured out how to make your feet stop sweating (yet!) so we created the next best thing—bacteria killing fart vacuums that suck up this odor to keep your shoes fresh.

So there you have it. Why your shoes stink and what we're doing about it. Until next time, earthlings.


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