November 21, 2017

It's Thanksgiving time and you know what that means: reflection time. We've got a lot to appreciate here at Zorpads and--naturally--we'll do it with a little bit of snark.

1. Willie the One-Eyed Cat

Now I wouldn't say that Sierra and I are shy people, but you know what helps someone relax when taking headshots? A cat with one eye. Seriously try it sometime.

2. Rough Draft Ventures

Alright no snark here (sorry), but these folks believed in Zorpads from the very beginning. Like before we even had any product. We wouldn't be where we are without them.

3. Incredibly helpful answers to our question "How did you hear about us?"

We get a lot of really great answers that help us find out what's helping get the word out:

Like honestly the most helpful.

Good thing they don't ship internationally!

Flattery will definitely get you a cute note from us. We're suckers for it.

And then there are those answers that aren't that helpful.

Cool. We're an e-commerce company.

But honestly, thanks for filling in that little field. Because a lot of times we get this:


4. Friends and Family

Truly the most helpful. And sometimes investors!

5. People who post about Zorpads!

We LOVE hearing from you!

We watch this stuff like hawks. Always checking in on the brand and the product to see how we can make improvements!

6. People who accept our mass invites to "like" Zorpads on Social Media.

'bout time, Liz. Love you tho.

We didn't send a mass invite or anything...

7. Stamps.com

Fun Fact. Until we're a little bit bigger we mail every package ourselves. Even the one packs. We'd probably have a nervous breakdown if we had to go to the post office every day. Thanks Stamps!

8. Cat Coquillette

This incredible woman designed the Zorpads brand, took product photos, and designed our packaging. Oh--and she's a digital nomad designer with an INCREDIBLE Instagram (@catcoq) and a shop full of beautiful things. (Hint Hint: Holiday Gifts)

9. Our Incredible Customers, Blog Readers, Supporters, Evangelists, Partners, and All the Zorpads Family!

Y'all are the best. If you've made it to the bottom of this list, you're one of our best supporters and we CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH. Starting a capital-intensive business is super hard and disrupting some huge players adds a fun difficult twist to it. Your emails, posts, thank you's, words of wisdom, and just love in general make it all worth it. Thank you!

Happy Holiday Season,

Taylor & Sierra

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