What Shark Tank Is Like

What Shark Tank Is Like

June 06, 2019

Hey there earthlings, writing to let you know what it’s like to be on Shark Tank and—equally important—what it’s been like after Shark Tank. Let me start with some highlights from the day of filming.

The people were freaking amazing. And I’m not just talking about the Sharks (who were nice, inquisitive, and surprisingly almost exactly as they appear on TV). I’m talking about the producers, the makeup people, the staff, and the crew. Honestly what a joy. Everyone driving us around in our ridiculous outfits in a golf cart was thrilled to be there and just so pleasant. The hair and makeup people couldn’t stop saying how good we looked which—obviously—we didn’t hate. And no surprise, the other entrepreneurs were awesome. Specific shoutout to the Subsafe people. What genuine human beings.

I watched the episode in LA and Sierra watched it while on a work trip in Florida. We had friends and family texting us and calling us all night, it was really special. I watched over the top of my Google Analytics page to make sure that the traffic didn’t make our website crash (Thanks Squarespace!), and Sierra monitored our shipping and inventory tracker to ensure we were properly filling all the orders. We popped some champagne when the deal was made and couldn’t sleep a wink given all the excitement!

Since then, it’s been absolutely nutso (in a great way!). We’ve done a bunch of interviews, gotten incredible traction with retailers, and of course, keep shipping out those orders every day. It’s become quite the balancing act given the sudden growth surge, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our quest to rid the world of all shoe odor continues.

What’s the end goal, you ask? Well, we both are driven by a desire to de-awkward-ify (not a word, but go with it) problems that everyone has but nobody enjoys dealing with. Seriously—when have you ever been excited to buy a shoe insert? We’re hoping to change that, one foot at a time and baby—it’s been worth it!

Onward and Upward,

Tay & Si

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