Wedding Shoes We Can't Stop Thinking About

Wedding Shoes We Can't Stop Thinking About

September 18, 2019

'Tis the season, earthlings! For weddings, that is. If you're anywhere between your mid-20s and mid-30s you know that just as the days get shorter after a long summer your weekends get booked up with those joyous things called weddings!

Now, we obviously drive the fashion conversation as an odor-destroying shoe insert company (sarcasm, but still, we try) and in honor of all the brides and grooms out there we pulled together some wedding shoes that made either our list to buy or our list to never buy. Enjoy!

1. Tuxedo Shoes

Simple and a great option if you need to balance tearing up the dance floor with looking cool and classic. In fact, this is what we're wearing to our black tie weddings nowadays because they're most likely to dominate The Cha Cha Slide.

2. Tuxedo Slippers

We love them! Did you just check in to a luxury hotel or are you getting married? We can't tell! And that's what makes this option so special. Just a little different than that classic patent leather option but just enough pizzazz to make the other guests jealous of your out-there-but-not-too-out-there style.

3. These Tuxedo Slippers

I'm not gonna lie to you, these are a little extra. Cute, yes, but def extra. But good news--if you have one too many Pimm's Cups you will be able to find the person you just married by looking at their shoes. Win win!

4. A Classic Loafer

Is your event strictly non-black tie? Are you going to a casual wedding? Pop these puppies on and do The Wobble all night. Or the Chicken Dance. Or the YMCA. The point is that you'll be Ripping. It. Up.

5. A Classic Heel

Do you want to have feet that look good during the ceremony but will definitely take those shoes off when it's time to party? Then, my friend, have we got the pair for you. These are elegant, beautiful, but also supremely uncomfortable. But hey--if the party's good enough nobody will notice you switched to Havaianas during The Hustle.

6. An Even Higher Heel.

Is your name Jack? Are you marrying the beanstalk? For the spouse that needs a couple extra inches and a shoe that screams DRAMA pull on these bad boys. The air will be crisper up there, too! These look striking, too!

7. A Sparkly Sneaker

I'm not going to lie you all--if someone shows up at a wedding that we're attending wearing these shoes and they're not at our table, we're stealing someone's seat. How could we not? The guy or gal wearing these shoes must have a personality that matches the glitter on these sneakers and the boldness to bust out of the mold and try something different. We're hooked.

8. These Spiked Velvet Loafers

I MEAN, WHAT? Whose kid is this? What kind of parent is so cool that they dressed the ring bearer in shoes that I could never pull off in my entire life? You know this guy's the most popular kid at Beethoven Elementary and his parent's have shunned MP3s for a pure vinyl lifestyle. 

9. The Littlest Cutest Pumps You Ever Did See

You just know that little Jessica hates wearing these, but her parents DGAF. She looks adorable. She's strutting down the aisle scattering tulip petals everywhere and everyone's ooh-ing and ahhh-ing and her parents are high-fiving in the pews in the back because they've achieved the ultimate #parentgoal--cutest kid at the wedding. Status revoked later during the Electric Slide when Jessica has a meltdown because her feet hurt.

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