The 8 Greatest Comebacks of All Time

The 8 Greatest Comebacks of All Time

January 23, 2020

For everyone who's been following our business over the past couple months, we've had a surprise out of stock situation we've had to deal with. A huge thank you to all of our patient customers! And more pertinent, a list of the most epic comebacks of all time.

While #1 obviously should be Zorpads being back in stock, these are the definitive comebacks that have stood the test of time. From Sports to Sporty Spice, these are the most enduring comeback kids.

8. Ok we hate to say it but the 2016 Cav's epic comeback to win the NBA title over the Warriors' dynasty makes the list. LeBron turning in a stellar performance (with emotion too!) to overcome a 3-1 deficit for the championship cemented his spot among the legends.

7. When you think of the United Kingdom you probably think immediately about the Spice Girls. We do. And what better #blastfromthepast than reuniting a royal gemstone during the closing ceremony of the olympics? Nothing's bett-ah.

6. 10th Inning. Game 7. Haven't won a title in 108 years. Hard to understand why anyone was still a Cubs fan, but the 2016 World Series win has to have a spot on our list.

5. We're big fans of Kansas basketball. But this is an unbiased opinion. The shot that led KU to overtime and ultimate victory in the men's basketball national championship game in 2008 is one of the greatest of all time.

4. From a shaved head in 2007 to full goddess status in 2017, our national treasure Britney Spears is 1,000% Stronger Than Yesterday. Go get 'em, Britney!

3. Nope, that's not actually Tupac from beyond the grave, it's a hologram featured at the 2012 Coachella music festival. Turns out you can live forever!


2. Reggie Miller, 1995 Pacers vs. Knicks.

This dude scores 8 points in 9 seconds to beat the Knicks. HUH?

1. Cal v. Stanford 1982: The Play

THE BAND IS ON THE FIELD! We might be biased (cough cough Taylor went to Berkeley) but this is the most entertaining set of lateral passes you've ever seen. A true classic ::chef's kiss::

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