Send Some Love This Valentine's Day

Send Some Love This Valentine's Day

February 07, 2018

Oh hey there. Yeah, you. The one who's looking for that oh-so-chic and creative gift for your boo. Or you, the secret admirer who just wants one look, just one look from the boy down the hall. Even you, passive aggressive Pete. Actually this is perfect for you, Pete.


Have we got something for you.


Here at Zorpads if we were to give a gift on Valentine's Day it would definitely not be roses. It's so cliche. We recently joked about sending Zorpads as gifts. I mean, how brilliant! They're cute and fun and simple for the people you love and LOL and passive aggressive for the people you...don't love.




Here's how it works:


1. Identify lucky recipient. Pick your bestie or worstie. We won't judge.

2. Order how ever many Zorpads you want for the lucky guy or gal.

3. Enter your name, your nickname, alias, or whatever you want at checkout. 

4. We customize a super cute valentine and include it with your order.

5. Your boo receives a special delivery at their mailbox.

6. You get the real gift: a friend with less stinky shoes.


Oh and did we mention that all of this is free? 'Tis true. You can be someone's shining inspiration and thoughtful companion for a literal Lincoln (that's $5 for all you high rollers out there).

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