How to Watch Us On Shark Tank

How to Watch Us On Shark Tank

January 25, 2019

Big fan of Zorpads but not a fan of live TV? We get it. With Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime Video it feels like everyone’s cut the cord. And while your parents may still let you use their login to watch episodes of 90 Day Fiancee online, you still might be confused on how you could ever actually watch it live. Well, we’ve got some advice for you.

Backstory: Zorpads is airing on Shark Tank this Sunday, 1/27/2019 at 10PM ET. We’re super stoked and so excited for you to tune in! Here are a few ways that you can watch it immediately when it goes on air.

1. Get an antenna.

For $20. Yes literally $20. You can watch live, network TV whenever you want and you don’t have to even log in. Just plug it in to your regular TV and you’re good to go. See ya Sunday at 10PM!

2. Use the WatchABC App

This one does require your dad’s login information to work, but you can watch the episode live on air through the app!

3. Get Hulu with Live TV

Not only do you get to watch June try to escape Gilead on The Handmaid’s Tale but you can also watch Shark Tank Live on ABC at 10PM on Sunday. You get over 55 channels for $40. NICE.

4. Sign up for cable or DirecTV or another cable/satellite package.

I mean, sometimes it’s nice to just have access to everything and not have to call your dad for his login information whenever your cat steps on the remote and logs you out. Not speaking from personal experience or anything.

5. If all else fails, watch episodes online after the fact.

While you won’t be able to contribute to the live tweet fest that hopefully happens organically while we’re on air, you can still check out what happens on after the fact.

Wish us luck, earthlings! We’re so lucky to have you all tune in! Thanks again for all the support! Onward and Upward, Taylor & Sierra.

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