A Foot. A Team. A Zorpad.

A Foot. A Team. A Zorpad.

July 31, 2017

Hi. We're Sierra and Taylor and we created Zorpads.

We met in business school and were instantly bound by a passion for the Midwest (Tay grew up in Kansas City and Si in Pella, Iowa). Oh yeah, and an obsession with consumer goods and retail.

Tay's been making cool things his whole life. He ran the Teeny Beanie Baby trading ring in elementary school, then made this carton of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Cups and the filter for this Brita Pitcher. He also worked on the Dragon Life Support System at SpaceX. Tay also fulfilled his dream of being Kristen Wiig in the SNL Target Lady Sketch by interning as a buyer at Target.

Sierra basically cured cancer. Ok that's probably an overstatement, but she did run the show at Cancer Treatment Centers of America as the Chief of Staff to the CEO. And she worked at this super cool retail startup, giving a voice to up-and-coming designers.

We came up with this weird idea to make shoe inserts.

We had a dinner party one night and one of our friends took her shoes off and put her feet on the table. Needless to say we all looked at each other with that stare of discomfort. And then we started talking about how there were no good solutions for the Toms she had just kicked under the table.

We couldn't stop thinking about it. About how there was this huge glaring issue with no good answer. What was she going to do? Cut a giant insole and jam her foot into her Toms? Spray the shoe like she just finished 2 games at the local bowling alley? Sprinkle powder in and feel like she's walking around in a sandbox? No way.

And then we made a really amazing shoe insert.

No really. It's that amazing. See, Tay worked with some super cool materials when he was at Brita and SpaceX. And we found something that blew everything out of the water. No seriously--each little Zorpad has more odor-destroying surface area than a full-sized tennis court.

Here's what else we did. We made it super thin. Honestly. You won't even feel it. It's about as thick as a credit card. And--drumroll, please--Zorpads stick to the bottom of your insole. That means it won't slide around and end up under your toes. We also got a patent on the product it's that novel.

Plus it lasts for up to 60 wears. How amazing is that!

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