Our Design Philosophy

Zorpads Odor Absorbing

How we designed Zorpads.

Here at Zorpads we're trying to walk a thin line: make an insert strong enough to last 60 wears but discreet enough, you forget they’re there. We carefully pored over adhesives, linings, materials, and manufacturing methods to make what we think is a perfect insert. 

Sturdy enough to last up to 60 wears, light enough to replace without wrecking your shoe.

That's our governing mantra. If it weren't weird we'd probably chant it before starting work every day. And we took that philosophy to the design for Zorpads. They slowly wear down and are ready to replace when they've peeled up completely or stopped absorbing odor. 

There are a lot of shoes out there, and we want Zorpads to work in all of them.

Now it's a tough nut to crack. We designed them to wear down over the course of 60 wears. But in shoes with more friction (like tennis shoes, hiking shoes, and soccer cleats) this wear can happen a little more quickly. However, we're improving Zorpads to wear down slower in shoes with rougher wear. You can help!

We're constantly improving the product and want to hear from you.

We run in batches and want to make sure that every batch and version is better than the last. If you have feedback on the product please let us know. And if you found that your Zorpads didn't last as long as you'd expected, also let us know. We’d love your help in testing future iterations. 

We're a startup trying to solve a big problem in an innovative way and our customers are vital to that pursuit. Thanks for all the support!

Onward and upward,

Taylor & Sierra

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